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Answer: Prison, Disbarment, and Disgorgement of Profits

Before Clicking "Send," Please Read This Post

We get a lot of e-mails from people stating that they were the victim of governmental abuse, and asking us to cover their story at Crime & Federalism.  Some e-mailers even have websites set up.  Before sending an e-mail (and, in fact, if you followed these guidelines when seeking a lawyer to take your case, your odds of obtaining representation would increase greatly) please keep these two guidelines in mind:

1.  Do NOT state that your rights were violated.  We get to decide that.  Norm and I are very well-versed in these issues.  The odds are about a million-to-one that you know something about the law that we don't.  Sending an e-mail wherein you state that your rights were violated (without telling us more) does not help us. And, quite frankly, it gives me a headache.

2.  DO explain what happened to you.  Give a short and simple statement of the facts: the who, what, where, and when (but not the why).  E.g., you might write:

Last week I went to the Chicago police station to tell them a police officer pulled me over because I was black.  When I went to complain, the officer on duty threatened to arrest me if I didn't leave.  I left.


I was pulled over a month or so ago.  When I asked the police officer why he pulled me over, he told me to get out of my car.  He then beat me with a baton and arrested me.  Since then I shake with fear every time I see a police officer.

It's as simple as that.  I know you will want to add, "Therefore my constitutional rights were violated."  Don't.  Just the facts, please.

I want to be clear that I enjoy reader mail, and it's one of the things that makes blogging worthwhile.  But I will not respond to any e-mails that purport to lecture me on the law.  I made the mistake once of replying to such an e-mail, and my inbox was sooon so flooded with e-mails and large .pdf attachments that I lost track of a couple of important e-mails.  Thanks, and please keep reading and sending those e-mails.