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Brief Bleg

[UPDATE: This is done.  Thanks so much!]  I am trying to track down a brief in a recent Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals case.  The Eighth Circuit generally makes all of the briefs available online, but this brief isn't available on its site.  I am looking for the brief because in this particular case, the panel goes out of its way to stretch the law; I'd like to determine whether they also stretched the facts.  If you're a law student, you should be able to access this in the CTA-BRIEFS Westlaw section.  (I don't have this particular subscription.)  This is for academic purposes since, hey, it doesn't get much more academic than reading legal briefs.  (Incidentally, if you're a law student, you should read every Supreme Court brief written by Seth Waxman, Ted Olson, Ken Starr, and Miguel Estrada before you graduate.)  The case is: Vaughn v. Greene County, Case Nos. 04-3916 and 04-4068.