Prosecutor Reprimanded for Blogging About Pending Case
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"Litigation boutiques"

I was already feeling snarky this morning before I read the article regarding the prosecutor who was reprimanded for blogging about a pending case.  The needle on my snark-o-meter jumped when I noticed a term in that article that I've seen before:  "litigation boutique."

I'm interested to know what defines a "litigation boutique."  My firm has six lawyers, five of whom are regularly in court and trying cases - - albeit on behalf of personal injury and civil rights plaintiffs and criminal defendants.  Do we count as a "litigation boutique"?  [Would we want to?]

I'm guessing that the answer to that question is "no."  Unless I'm mistaken, a "litigation boutique" is stocked with primarily defense lawyers in the realms of commercial litigation and, perhaps, major products liability defense for self-insured clients.  The suits are probably more expensive; hell, the socks are probably more expensive.

If that is the type of firm that qualifies as a "litigation boutique," then what is the right moniker for a small law firm whose members are regularly trying cases (as opposed to just litigating), but on behalf of criminal defendants and non-commercial civil plaintiffs?