The Tipping Point and a Very Strange Bet
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Prosecutor Reprimanded for Blogging About Pending Case

I'd have to read the actual posts to know whether I agree with the judge's decisionUPDATE: Via A&C comes a few post excerpts:

The jury was waiting outside to be seated. I knew all their names. I had my peremptories ready. My witnesses were prepped. My opening statement was polished. I had just won a tentative ruling on a major evidentiary issue admitting the defendant's prior felony conviction for armed robbery. I was going to skewer him on the stand.


The Public Defender pulled the "I'm pregnant, and I can't proceed." IN THE MIDDLE OF JURY SELECTION. Her doctor said that this was supposed to be her last trial--there was no medical emergency preventing her from going forward. She's just chicken. Chic-KEN!

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