Breaking the Law to Catch Criminals
Is NY Times Author Guilty of "Story Theft"?

Stuart Taylor on the Times' Lies

Stuart Taylor has this devestating critique of the recent New York Times story on the Duke LaCrosse rape case:

Imagine you are the world's most powerful newspaper and you have invested your credibility in yet another story line that is falling apart, crumbling as inexorably as Jayson Blair's fabrications and the flawed reporting on Saddam Hussein's supposed WMD. What to do?

If you're the New York Times and the story is the alleged gang rape of a black woman by three white Duke lacrosse players—a claim shown by mounting evidence to be almost certainly fraudulent—you tone down your rhetoric while doing your utmost to prop up a case that's been almost wholly driven by prosecutorial and police misconduct.

Mr. Taylor's full piece is available here.