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A Horrible Accident

From time to time something happens to remind us all over again that we lawyers and judges aren't merely observers of other people's sorrow. Sometimes we are in the middle of things in a way that terrifies.

John M. Walker, who this month stepped down as chief judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and is now a senior judge, was in an automobile accident two nights ago. He is apparently fine. But the police officer whom he struck lingers near death. A brief news story

Apparently, the officer was directing traffic at a busy intersection when he was struck by Walker's SUV.

Details are scant about what happened, but Walker did not flee the scene and is cooperating with police, news reports say.

I've appeared before Walker and even spoken to him in the hallway of the Court from time to time. He is a warm and wonderful human being. My heart goes out to him amid what must be sleepless nights replaying over and over and over again horrible sights and sounds.