Connecticut Law Students Behaving Badly
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Scalp-Hunting at Justice

The Daily Kos has this report and request for information on the forced resignation of United States Attorneys. What's going on at the Justice Department? Blind Justice? Apparenlty U.S. Attorney Alberto Gonzalez is looking for just the right sorts of ideologues to serve as the nation's top prosecutors.

Of course, not all U.S. Attorneys are subject to this mass execution. While those who views are a little too close to center are being forced out, those who can march lockstep to the new authoritarian drumbeat see room for advancement.

Connecticut's U.S. Attorney, Kevin O'Connor, for example, was recently kicked upstairs. In early January, he was promoted to the position of associate deputy attorney general. His responsibilities will primarily entail reducing violent crime, illegal guns and gangs. Recent Justice Department statistics reflect an increase in these crimes.

It's an unusual assignment to give to a federal prosecutor from a largely quiet New England state. Although Connecticut is no stranger to gang activity in some of its cities, the state's urban areas are tiny. The state's largest city, Bridgeport, for example, has a population of but 139,000, according to the 2005 United States Census. We don't know much about big-city problems here in the Land of Steady Habits.

But ideological compatability is hard to find, apparently. So Mr. O'Connor enjoys his new post in Washington while simultaneously serving as Connecticut's U.S. Attorney.

Mr. O'Connor must have the right stuff for an administration with authoritarian tastes. While some U.S. Attorneys are being forced from their jobs, Mr. O'Connor has been given two jobs to perform at the same time. Achtung, Herr Kevin.