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Prosecutors Taking the Fifth

Add to Obama's Resume: Color Blindness

The Duke lacrosse case, sadly, has been about one issue: race.  Remarkably, while flawed eyewitness identification and false accusations have been issues facing the African American community, there has been no outrage from the black community.  Indeed, the North Carolina NAACP has supported the bogus rape case.  A professor of African American Studies said that "White innocence means black guilt."  A law professor from BlackProf noted: "In the Duke case, many Blacks see privileged White frat boys/athletes getting special treatment []."

Fortunately not all African Americans are unable to look beyond race.  In a recent letter to a constituent, presidential candidate Barack Obama called for a federal investigation into Mike Nifong's handling of the Duke lacrosse case.  Injustice is color blind.

What is more striking about Obama's call for an investigation is the silence coming from an North Carolina native.  John Edwards, a former trial lawyer who loudly proclaims his commitment to justice, remains silent.  Then again, what can we expect from someone who never took a pro bono case in his entire legal career?  (Maybe he'll comment if someone offers him 33% of a few million dollars?)

I know whom I'll be voting for in November.

UPDATE: Some will note that it's never been proven the Edwards took no pro bono cases.   Of course, it's impossible to prove a negative.  But I do rest confident knowing that someone pimping his cancer-stricken wife would have already come forward with his numerous pro bono clients - if they existed.