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Hey, Judge Lavery, Pass The Fiddle!

Last week, a secret meeting took place attended by several judges, private members of the bar and lawmakers. The topic was the quality of justice being rendered in Connecticut's Norwalk Superior Court. The meeting was called because of allegations that race mattered in the courthouse. Several judges were accused of being racist. The accusations were scurrilous and irresponsible.

At the meeting, pointed allegations arose that the state's attorney's office is out of control, and has been for years. I wrote about it on these pages, and have received calls from lawyers from throughout the state thanking me for saying what needed saying.

Here's the pablum being served up by Chief Court Administrator William Lavery in response to last week's meeting.

A public information desk will be set up in the courthouse lobby to help lawyers and clients understand diversionary programs. Free copies of court forms will be provided. (Translation: You can wear a shower cap in the gas chamber.)

Judicial Department staff will attend periodic meetings to discuss treating people better. (Translation: We'll form an orchestra while Rome burns, the better to dance by.)

Judicial employees will even be offered courses on customer service and cultural sensitivity. (Translation: We don't have the balls to address what needs doing, so let's just hug alot and pass the time until retirement.)

Another judge will be sent to Norwalk a day or so a week to help with the backlog. (Translation: Move the deck chairs as the Titanic sinks and perhaps no one will notice the ship taking on water.)

This proposal is worse than doing nothing. It wastes time and resources and wilfully refuses to address problems in the prosecutor's office that have existed for many years.

Is it any wonder a rumor swirls that the nameplate on Judge Lavery's door reads "Judge Potemkin"?