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Terrorism: Two Reminders

This article in the Washington Times notes that a) Middle Eastern men are doing terrorist test runs and b) the government is covering this up.  The article thus reminded me of two things.  First, do not expect the government to keep you safe from terrorism.  The government is actually covering up the terrorists' plans because, in the government's eyes, it's better that the sheep feel safe - even if they are not actually safe.  As my friend Kip likes to note in unrelated contexts, it's the politics of the warm-and-fuzzy feeling.

Second, while racial profiling* is a very bad thing for the government to do (and it's something I oppose the government's doing), you'd better believe that I do it.  Show me a flight full of 13 Middle Eastern men, and I'll show you a flight I'm staying awake on. 

*Of course, show me a group of white males wearing camouflage pants and "Live Free, Or Die" shirts, and I'll show you  one blogger on high alert.  So spare me the lectures on equality: I "racially profile" people of every race.