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Arkansas Cop Beats Up Children

A Hot Springs, Arkansas paper reports:

Hot Springs (AP) - Video from the popular internet web site YouTube that was posted by one of six people arrested for skateboarding in downtown hot springs is causing quiet a stir.

Hot Springs police say the skateboarders were in violation of a city ordinance. Now three minors and three adults are facing charges, and the officer who arrested them is on administrative leave.

One of the more interesting videos is available here.  It gets really interesting at the 1:50 second mark.  It's at that point we can see an adult choking out a teenage girl, and then choking out a teenage boy.  This second video shows that same "tough" officer threatening to mace a teenage boy.

Personally, I think skate boarders are a menace.  They are usually obnoxious, and I prefer they confine themselves to skate parks.  Indeed, that they brought cameras with them meant they knew skateboarding on city streets was an infraction, and that they expected a confrontation.  But that doesn't give grown men - even grown men wearing badges - a license to beat up children.