David Motari Abuses Animals?
David Motari, Coward

David Motari Abuses Animals? Part 2

The mainstream media has begun covering this shocking story of animal cruelty.  One article is available here.  Based on David Motari's family's behavior, I am now 99% sure that David Motari is the man depicted in the video:


The Herald is not publishing the man’s name because of the many questions surrounding the video.

No one can say yet whether the 17-second video is a hoax or really shows a live puppy being killed. It’s unclear where the video was created and who actually shot the video or posted it on the Internet.

Notice that there is no indication that David Motari is not the alleged puppy killer in the video.


A woman at the home listed for the Marine declined to talk.

"Could you just leave? We already know why you're here," the woman said. "Just go. There’s nothing to say."

I assume that was his wife or girlfriend.  If Motari was not the person depicted in that video, you can bet that she would have let the world know.  Instead, she sent the media away.

The next issue is whether the puppy was alive.  Based on my experience with puppies, I conclude that the puppy was alive.  One veterinarian agrees:

"If this is something legitimate, it's one of the most egregious acts of animal cruelty I have ever seen, if not the most," said Dr. Matt Mickas, chief of Community Practice Services at WSU’s veterinary college.

He said it did not appear fake to him, because of the way the animal went slack by being held from the neck.

"To me, the sound on the YouTube clip sounded like a puppy in distress — the same sound we hear when the puppies come into the hospital," Mickas said.