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Brain and Body

Due to a recent injury, I haven't been able to do my normal fight training.  I still lift weights and do hard interval training (Tabatas), but to maintain my weight loss, I have do some traditional "cardio."  It's hard reading a book while doing cardio.  I sweat a lot, so the pages get sticky.  And I don't want to watch television at the gym. 

Plus, while still young, my brain functions at an optimal rate when I learn new subjects.  Given that I get hit in the head a lot, it's also a good idea to form as many new neural connections as possible.  If you're older, learning new subjects can help prevent a whole host of age-related [sic] diseases.  ([Sic] because it's not age qua age that causes people so many problems later in life.  It's inactivity of the brain.  Yet we blame age.  Nonsense.) 

Enter The Teaching Company.

The Teaching Company offers downloads for your iPod.  I downloaded a sample file, and it worked very well on my iPod.  The Teaching Company offers some rocking courses.  I've always been a Philistine when it comes to music appreciation.  I know what I like (hardcore rap when lifting; Afro-Cuban jazz when lounging), but I don't know why I like what I like.  I also don't know what makes music, well, music.

The Teach Company offers a course entitled: Understanding the Fundamentals of Music.  Sixteen, 45-minute lectures should get me through the next three weeks of cardio. 

Next on the list is: Philosophy of Mind: Brains, Consciousness, and Thinking Machines.  I almost went to graduate school to study philosophy of mind.  Unfortunately, I haven't thought in depth about these issues in several years.  The course will change that.

Incidentally, each courses may be downloaded for only $34.95.  It appears that both are on sale.  I don't know how long the sale will last, so if you're interested, it's probably a good idea to go shopping now.