Gender Double Standards

Feminism 101: Women Hate Women

Unfortunately, the stock answer most feminists give to any problem woman has is patriarchy.  Why do women wear make-up?  Why, the patriarchy makes them!  This is stated even though most men I know do not like it when women wear make-up.

As a feminist why women take birth-control pills.  The patriarchy is to blame.  Again, most men I know would love to take birth control pills.  As a single man, being falsely charged of rape or having someone try to have your baby without your consent are real fears.  So if there were a pill for men, you can bet that many would take it.

A couple of years ago, there was the "models are going to die of anorexia scandal."  Feminists blamed (you guessed it!) men for this problem.  This devastating post shows the folly of that position.

Summary: Most men hate make-up, would love to be able to take birth control, and like women with meat on their bones.  So if you're a starving woman who is wondering why you're wearing make-up and taking pills that screw up your hormones, perhaps you should blame the responsible parties - other women.