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The Truth, Scrambled

I Luvz Me Cuz Im Better Dan U

The New Scientist has an interesting article about narcissists:

Narcissistic people do not make pleasant colleagues, but they perform better than average at tasks that would daunt others, according to new US research.

Psychologists consider narcissism to pathological.  It's a mental disorder.  Does that make sense in light of these findings? 

Could it be then, that far from being a "personality disorder," that narcissists simply have a better self-understanding?

What is pathological about considering yourself better than others when, in fact, you are better than others?

We might say excessive self-love is indecent.  But that's a moral judgment, isn't it?

How many "personality disorders" are influenced by moral judgments?  Homosexuality used to be listed as a psychological disorder.  Gays are crazy, according to shrinks.

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