Henry Waxman Ignorant of Laws We Follow Under Threat of Prison

Let he who has no irrational belief cast the first stone

Law professor Rick Hills has a really interesting post describing how many secular people view religious believers:

Just a few days ago, I was discussing a mutual friend with a former colleague. The latter was astonished by our mutual friend’s Christianity: “What’s up with that?!” he exclaimed, expressing bewilderment and even nervousness at the thought that a well-regarded – indeed, by academic standards, famous – professor could believe in the existence and beneficence of an omniscient and omnipotent God. If was as if our Christian friend had declared that the world was flat or was dabbling in alchemy. My former colleague even worried that, if a serious academic could believe in God, he was capable of believing in, or attempting, anything -- attempting to walk across the East River unaided by a water taxi, gunning down students in hallways, speaking in tongues at a faculty meeting, you name it.

Hills criticizes that viewpoint.  To which Paul Gowder responds:

Rick, how are you inferring from your colleague's belief that the religious think crazy things (which is obviously true -- transubstantiation? resurrection? reincarnation? world created in six days? some being in the sky cares about whether you eat pork? speaking in tongues? curses? possession? the end times? that children ought not to be educated beyond 14? that children ought not to have blood tranfusions? NAME a lunatic belief, and you can usually find a religion that endorses it, without even getting into the crazy cults) to the belief that the religious do crazy things?

Here is what cracks me up.  Paul Gowder is a great guy, but he also believes some really crazy things.  He's a radical socialist.  How could anyone believe in socialism?  That, to me, is every bit as irrational as believing in God.

How many atheists are Freudian or Nietzschean.  There is no scientific evidence supporting either of those worldviews.  Yet those same people will smugly attack Christians. 

How many atheists believe that financial markets are predictable or that they can "time the market"?

Oh, and then there's me.  I believe that space aliens have visited Earth and that the United States government has covered this up.  I believe it is more likely than not that people in the United States government played a direct role in 9/11.  Really, I do.

All sorts of people believe all sorts of wild and crazy things.

So why is it that we only mock Christians?