The Truth, Scrambled
Let he who has no irrational belief cast the first stone


Here is an awesome review about an awesome documentary on steroids.  People ask me why I have no respect for authority or institutions.  I have one answer: Steroids.

As a sixth grade I would argue with my biology teacher about steroids.  He insisted they did not "work."  Every doctor said the same thing.  "Oh, steroids don't work."

That was complete and total garbage.  It was propaganda.

Today doctors admit that steroids "work," but now say they are "dangerous."  That, too, it total garbage.  Yet every authority person repeats that lie.  Steroids remain illegal, but you can get all sorts of downers from your doctor.  Yeah, that makes sense.

Steroids taught me at a very early age that most teachers, doctors, and other authority figures are completely and totally clueless.  Just morons who cannot think for themselves and can do nothing but repeat what others have told them. 

Those who know the truth nonetheless have an agenda.  That agenda, of course, is keeping the population feeble and weak.  Go to work and go shopping; but otherwise, stay home, and keep your mouth shut.  Trust us to rule you. 

You cannot get steroids precisely because testosterone makes one more confident.  There's a reason we say someone has "balls."  Testicles produce testosterone, and so someone with balls is not easily ruled.  Someone with testosterone coursing through his or her veins challenges the existing power structures.  Show me someone with no confidence, and I'll show you someone who would do a 180 after a few weekly injections of testosterone.

Show me someone, male or female, who is getting shit done, and you can guarantee that person has higher than average testosterone levels.

Which is why testosterone is and will remain the enemy to the powers that be.  People in power want cows, not bulls.