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Dog-Killing Cops Unremorseful

I've been around thousands of dogs.  I have seen exactly zero vicious black labs.  But some bad-ass members of a SWAT team, after raiding the wrong house, murdered two of them.

One dog was so vicious that it ran away from police.  So a bad-ass cop shot that dog in the back.

Incidentally, the prosecutors and cops don't care that two innocent dogs were murdered.  Prince George's State's Attorney Glenn F. Ivey said: "From my perspective, the key part is figuring out where the drugs came from and who should be held accountable for that." 

Why police officers raided the wrong house and killed two dogs that posed no harm to anyone just isn't a concern.

Hey, it's the War on Drugs.  Marijuana was involved.  Shit happens.  If you want a drug-free omellete, you gotta break some skulls.