Prince George County Killers Attempt to Re-Write History
Salvatore Rivieri's History of Violence

Prince George County Police Have a History of Violence

In Hudson v. Michigan, Justice Antonin Scalia wrote: "[M]odern police forces are staffed with professionals; it is not credible to assert that internal discipline, which can limit successful careers, will not have a deterrent effect."

Prince George County police officers are under scrutiny for killing Berwyn Heights Mayor Cheye Calvo's two dogs.  Unfortunately for Prince George County residents, their police officers enjoy killing animals.  Here is a similar story from November, 2007:

An Accokeek couple is demanding an apology after Prince George's County Sheriff's Deputies burst into their home and killed their dog - all because deputies went to the wrong address.

Pam and Frank Myers were tucked away in their home Friday night watching a movie when the warrant squad pounced....

"And I said, 'You just shot my dog," said Pam Myers, through tears. "I just wanted to go out and hold her a bit. They wouldn't even let me go out."

The couple's five-year-old boxer Pearl was killed. The deputy says he feared for his life. They say the dog would bark but was no danger to the deputies.

Of course, "The Sheriff's Department says it's investigating what went wrong." Yet no one has been punished or suffered any career consequences for killing a helpless dog for sport. 

Was Justice Scalia lying in Hudson?  Was he mistaken?  What am I missing?