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Pay to Work: Are you Kidding Me?


Metallica's "One" has always been on my playlist.  Only today I did I learn what the song was actually about.  The lyrics were inspired by "Johnny Got His Gun":

Joe Bonham, a young soldier serving in World War I, awakes in a hospital bed after being hit by a mortar shell. He gradually realizes that he has lost all of his mobility and his senses except for touch — his arms, legs, eyes, nose, ears, tongue, both jaws and all of his face have been blown off — but that his mind functions perfectly, leaving him a prisoner in his own body. He tries to die by suffocating himself but he has been given a tracheostomy, which he cannot remove or control. He attempts to communicate with his doctors by banging his head on his pillow in Morse code. His wish is that he may be put in a glass tube and tour the country, to show people the true horrors of war.

The film is well known for distinguishing between Joe's reality and fantasy with black and white for the hospital; and color for his dreams.

In light of that, here is "One":