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Yes, prosecutors hide evidence even from wealthy defendants:

U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan suspended the trial of Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens Thursday morning, after it was revealed in court that prosecutors withheld FBI records that could have aided in Stevens' defense. The Republican senator's lawyers at Williams & Connolly immediately called for Sullivan to dismiss the case.

The records in question showed that the government's star witness, former VECO CEO Bill Allen, told federal investigators that he believed Stevens would have paid for the renovations he is accused of omitting on his financial disclosure forms if the senator had received the invoices. The government waited until last night to hand the records over, which Brenda Morris, the lead prosecutor, imputed to "human error."

"It strikes me that this was probably intentional. I find it unbelievable that this was just an error," Sullivan said.

You may read the rest of the story here (via Adler).

If Brenda Morris is trying to cheat when going against the big guns, what is she doing when going against the little guns?  Imagine the abuses she gets away with on a daily basis when going up against overworked public defenders.

Will Brenda Morris be investigated for prosecutor misconduct?  Will she be punished?  Or will everyone just pretend this didn't happen?