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Albanian Proverbs

I was going to write a post entitled, "The Difference Between Knowledge and Wisdom."  I thought the phrase cliché, so I entered it in Google.  While the phrase is cliché, it did bring me some wisdom.  (Because there is wisdom in clichés?)

These Albanian Proverbs are amazing.  For example, "We all know that a tomato is classified as a fruit, but none of us would put tomato in a fruit salad; that is the difference between knowledge and wisdom."  There is even a proverb about my recent review of Snakes in Suits: "You tell by the work, not by the clothes."

Miles Kington has collected several more in posts here, and here.  Worth reading, and pondering. 

I'd say that this one fits me: "Even were we allowed to write our own obituaries, we would still not read them with pleasure."  When people ask me, "How would you like to be remembered," my answer is, "I don't."  I define my own reality.  Other people's memories will not bring me back to life.  The long line at the funeral parlor leads to a dead man.