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Where is the Catholic Outrage?

When gay people dared to get married, Catholics took to the streets.  They protested.  They showed their outrage.  Where are those Catholics now?

INDIANAPOLIS - Church documents show the Archdiocese of Indianapolis knew about alleged sexual abuse by one of its priests while it was occurring but reassigned him to other churches and never notified police, The Indianapolis Star reported.


Church documents show that two former Indianapolis archbishops -- the Most Rev. George J. Biskup and the Most Rev. Edward T. O'Meara -- were aware of the abuse allegations at the time, but didn't report them to police and continued to assign Monroe to new parish positions. Church officials also sought mental health care for Monroe through a clinic that treated troubled priests from across the United States.

Why do Catholics care more about adults getting married than about children being molested?  Catholics all say, "We condemn priest abuse!"  Well, where is the outrage?  Where are the protests?  Why do I see you in the streets marching against gay marriage, but not marching against the child molestation that occurs under your own roof?

Where are the boycotts?  Whenever a company does something "immoral," Bill O'Reilly and other prominent Catholics call for a boycott.  What is worse than child molestation? Why, then, are no Catholics organizing a boycott of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis?  

Talk is cheap.  When I see the protests and boycotts, I'll believe that Catholics actually care about priest abuse.  Until then, the only rational inference to make is this: Catholics view gay marriage as more harmful to society than child molestation.