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Health Care Reform

It's pretty simple, if you do the right thing - logically and morally.  Eating healthy is expensive.  If we truly care about the poor, we should empower them to make the most healthy eating choices.


First, subsidize vegetables and tax corn.  Make broccoli cheaper than Doritos.  Free fish oil for every family.  Thus, poor people will be able to eat healthily - if they so choose.

Second, refuse to give anyone with a lifestyle illness like Type 2 Diabetes or heart disease, any free medical care.  If you want to eat yourself to death, go for it.  I'll even split the occasional Papa John's pizza with you - yes, we'll have cheese sticks with cheese dipping sauce, too.  Just don't ask me to pay for more than half the cost of the pizza.  Which means: Don't ask me to pay your medical bills.

Today, the incentives are reversed.  Corn is both unhealthy and cheap.  And so, poor people - who don't have the food budget some of us have - eat food that will assuredly kill them.  Obesity is a huge problem in poor communities.  A Big Mac is a lot cheaper - and unhealthier - than chicken breast, broccoli, and olive oil.

How can anyone who is not making efforts to end corn subsidies say he supports the poor?  Of course, that's typical liberalism.  "We just love the poor.  Really.  Now, excuse me while I make this check payable to Big Agra."