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Hot-Dog Stealing Prosecutor Resigns

At first I felt sorry for the guy.  He got drunk, ate a hot dog, and then stumbled away without paying.  Who hasn't done that?  Then I saw this:

When the officer caught up with Olson, the prosecutor said he didn’t know anything about a hot dog, though he had ketchup and mustard on his shirt, police said.

The officer noted Olson’s speech was slurred and his eyes bloodshot.

The officer told Olson he would arrest him if he didn’t pay for the hot dog, at which time the prosecutor pulled out his wallet and flashed his assistant district attorney badge and cautioned the officer, police said.

He “told me I needed to be careful” and asked if “I was sure that I wanted to do this,” the officer wrote in a report.

If you want to go out and have a good time, leave the badge - and car keys - at home.  I suppose this means you can't flash your badge to people you meet out at the bars.  Such is life.