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The FBI considers Ohio (yes, the Ohio in the United States) a "hotbed" of child sex slavery:

COLUMBUS, Ohio—Teenage girls are being locked in the chains of sexual abuse and forced into prostitution—in Ohio.

The FBI rescued 45 suspected teenage prostitutes on Monday—some as young as 13 years old—as part of a nationwide sweep, NBC 4‘s Mikaela Hunt reported.

Two of the cities involved in the rescue are Toledo and Cleveland. Officials said the bust highlights a growing problem.

Every year, 300,000 American children are at risk of becoming sex slaves. So how prevalent is teenage prostitution in Central Ohio and what’s being done to help the victimized girls?

FBI agents are trying to rescue kids who are caught up in prostitution—and Ohio is right in the middle of the investigation.

From the streets in Houston to Cleveland, Operation Cross County uncovered the trend of underage women forced into prostitution.

More here.  Incidentally, Ohio has had plenty of time to pass anti-gay laws.  State and local government has done pretty much nothing to stop the child sex trade.  Because obsessing over what consenting adults do is a greater concern than protecting children from being raped.  Praise Jesus!