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Crime and Credit Card Companies

Imagine you hired me to work for you.  We agreed that you would pay me $1,000 a month.  I decided to change the terms of the deal without telling you; or by whispering my raise to you while you were on the phone with an angry client.  I'd look inside your office, whisper, "Raise," and you'd shoo me away. 

I would then withdrawal and extra $100 a month from your checking account. 

Would that be criminal conduct that would get me jailed?  Or civil conduct that would get me fined?

When Chase Bank steals money, they simply pay a fine:

NEW YORK (AP) -- New York's attorney general has pressured Chase Bank into ending what he said was an "illegal" $10 monthly fee imposed on thousands of credit card accounts last November.

The bank has also agreed to give refunds totaling $4.4 million to about 184,000 customers.

Why wasn't Chase Bank prosecuted?  Why can credit card companies steal from average citizens?  Why won't Barack Obama or the other liberals who care about the "little guy" doing anything about this theft?  

If Chase Bank and the responsible executives were prosecuted, I suspect other credit card companies would pause before robbing average Americans.  The credit card companies pay Barack Obama and the other liberals to look the other way.  And look the other way, they do.  Because, silly rabbit, those liberal politicians don't care about anything other than getting re-elected.