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Are We All Solipsists?

Frederick J. Hanna & Associates Under Investigation

Frederick J. Hanna & Associates is, based on all accounts, a scum bag law firm that collects on debt that does not exist or is not owed.  In other words, they are thieves.  The Georgia Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs has begun investigating Frederick J. Hanna & Associates.  The law firm claims that it cannot be subject to the Office of Consumer Affair's jurisdiction because it's a law firm.

While that's an illegitimate argument, it's one that the State Bar of Georgia should take seriously.  If Frederick J. Hanna & Associates are collecting debts unlawfully, then they have most certainly violated the Rules of Professional Conduct.  (The rest of the story is here; via Kip's Facebook.)

When will the Georgia State Bar start investigating Frederick J. Hanna & Associates?