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Science and Eastern Religious Concepts

Every (Western) religious person wants to reconcile science and religion.  Why?  I don't know.  If faith is based on faith, then have faith.  Seeking scientific validation is as unfaithful as it gets.  Still, the fantastic irony is that science has not reconciled anything with Western religion.  That is not the case with Eastern religions.

Energy/aura and mirror neurons.  Eastern religious have, for thousands of years, spoken about the negative energy that others carry.  This discussion was cast in terms of "aura" or energy.  Nevertheless, the concept has been validated. 

Yes, you can "plug into" another person's energy.  Just read up on mirror neurons.  While the language and description may have been inaccurate, the concept was clear.  People do have energy.  You can feel this energy.  Maybe you don't have energy tentacles that leave your arms.  Still, modern neuroscience has validated an important concept of Eastern religions.

Neuroplasticity and consciousness expansion.  Eastern religions have forever taught that one may expand his conscious mind - that one's brain is not fixed.  The science has caught up with Eastern religious concepts.

Neuroscience now recognizes neuroplasticity.  You can expand your brain cells.  Your conscious mind is not fixed.

So, I'm sorry, Westerners.  While it's possible to reconcile science and religion, there is one problem: You'll need to choose another religion.