Suzanne Sullivan is an Unethical Prosecutor.
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Prosecutorial Misconduct Database or Wiki

We really should start keeping track of unethical prosecutors.  I identify unethical prosecutors in the subject title of Crime & Federalism whenever I see names, e.g., Juliet Sorensen; Suzanne Sullivan; Brenda Morris; William Sullivan; Greg Damm; Kimberly Frayn; Sean Cronin; Andrea Hoffman; etc.  We should start a wiki that allows people to anonymously contribute the names of prosecutors who engage in unethical conduct.

How would we even do this?  I will pay the hosting fees.

Does anyone have any ideas? 

Perhaps start a blog entitled "Prosecutorial Misconduct."  Then list the name of every unethical prosecutor, along with supporting documentation? 

Again, I'll host the thing and assume the risks associated therewith.  I don't care.  I will be dead soon.  Making people like me; building a reputation as a glad-hander; and being afraid of being sued all rate below: Buy cat food.  (Hint: I don't have a cat.)

Prosecutorial misconduct is out of control.  Even judges are getting sick of it.  The only way to reform prosecutors is to make them afraid. 

Plus, there is more to this than venting one's spleen.  If you are going against a prosecutor who pulls some shit: Wouldn't it be nice to be able to cite a prior record of prosecutorial misconduct? 

Little Brother is watching.