University of Tennesse Pays Violent Rapist, Daniel Hood, to Attend College
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The Face of a Sociopath

Daniel Hood bound and gagged a teenage girl so that a friend could rape her.  I posted about that here.  I've obtained a picture of Hood.  Now I understand why everyone is willing to let him "move past" the "incident."  I regret my earlier post.  My earlier post assumed that Mr. Hood was black. 

How could anyone not forgive this young man?  He has a nice smile.  Look at those locks of hair!  What a lady killer!  Why would he even need to rape anyone?  He's good looking.  It was probably a false accusation.  Even if it wasn't, the kid deserves a second change.

How could anyone not give such a smiling beautiful white boy a second chance! 

As we all know, real criminals are scary-looking black men.  They wear baggy clothing, and have shaved heads, or wear corn rows.  They can kill you with a look.

Mr. Hood, on the other hand, is is a good-looking white kid.  I apologize for misjudging him.  The University of Tennessee made the right decision.  He was just a kid when he (allegedly) tied up a girl and put tape over her mouth so she could be raped. 

He made a stupid mistake.  Let those among us who have not bound-and-gagged a teenage girl so that we could watch her get raped, cast the first stone!

Face of a Sociopath