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Conclusive Evidence of Media Cover-Up: New York Times Covers Up David Rohde Kidnapping

It doesn't get more overt than this.  The New York Times and every other media outlet refused to cover a story involving a kidnapped Times reporter.  They had good reasons.... If you believe that it's the job of a media outlet to decide when to cover something that is clearly newsworthy.  

How many lives have the Times risked and ruined through covering newsworthy stories?  The journalists usual answer: "I don't play God.  If it's newsworthy, I need to cover it."

Suddenly, when it involved one of their own, the Times found a conscience.  The Times played God.

Maybe they made the right decision.  That's not the point of my post.  For over a decade, I have pointed out media manipulation and cover-ups.  Usually I'd get rolled eyes in response.

Those of you who have accused me of being paranoid about media cover ups can now kindly go fuck off.  Thanks.