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Even in Recession, Good Help is Hard to Find

Saying this deeply offends people, as the truth often does: If you are the best at what you do, you'll always have a job. People go home, drink beer, and watch televion.  They are then shocked to lose their jobs.

Sure, rarely an industry dies; but even then, start learning a new skill while your industry lives.  If I had been an auto worker, I would have been attending night school to become a male nurse.  Just as I was about to lose my job at GM, I'd be beginning my new career as a nurse.

This isn't complicated stuff.  You don't need to be smart to be a nurse.  Just study and memorize, which is tedious but not intellectually challenging.  Nursing pays well.  The nursing industry isn't going anywhere.  So go be a nurse.

Sure, it's hard to become good at what you do; or to learn a new skill.  Yes, studying at night after work is a bear.  You need to work harder than everyone else.  What does that have to do with anything, though?  

I'm supposed to feel sorry for out-of-work people who, for years, went straight home from work to a can of Budweiser and a television set.  Why?