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Cognitive Bias and Friends

How Does the Recession Affect Friendships?

That seems to be an interesting topic.  I find it boring.  If I have money, my friends have money.  My friends share the same value system.  If your value system is different, then you are not a real friend, and do not have real friends.  Your life is empty. Your friends are not friends; they are knick knacks and fashion accessories.  Please read the section on friendship in the Nicomachean Ethics.  That's all you need to know about friendship.

UPDATE: Here is an IM with my best friend on subject:

Mike: The Big Topic now is recession and friendships
Mike: How pathetic
Mike: Imagine having friends you wouldn’t buy a dinner for.
Friend: lol
Friend: Yeah
Mike: "Oh.  You can’t afford to go out tonight?  I guess we can’t be friends!"
Friend: I wanted to try to estimate how many people are like that, but I can’t say.
Friend: Do you think it’s more than 50%?
Mike: It seems that way, given how many people are talking about it.
Mike: At first I rolled my eyes. 
Mike: But everyone picked up on it.
Mike: Like it’s an interesting subject!
Friend: A “friend” does one of two things.
Friend: It’s pretty simple.
Friend: You either support the relationship by picking it up (paying).
Friend: OR
Friend: You decide to move your standards for activity down (doing less expensive things).
Mike: Right.  lol.  Real fucking complicated!