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Das Experiment/The Experiment

Leave it to the Germans to make a movie dramatizing the Stanford Prison Experiment.  In the Stanford Prison Experiment, the researchers stopped once people started losing it - just six days.  In "The Experiment," the experiment goes on.  I don't know how to do movie reviews, so here is a good one.  

"The Experiment" is highly recommended, but I agree with this line from the movie review: "The vicious humiliation to which the prisoners are subjected is horrifying and makes for an absolutely draining viewing experience."  In that sense, "The Experiment" is scary in the way "Silence of the Lambs" is scary.  Yes, there are real people like that.  Worse still, is that the moral of the Stanford Prison Experiment is: We are those people whom we are most afraid of.  A must-see for those interested in psychology, prison-inmate interaction, or power dynamics more generally.