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Gays or Goldman Sachs?

Someone e-mailed to tell me I'm obsessed with Goldman Sachs.  Yes, I am.  Why aren't you?  Is there an issue more important to America's future? 

They have stolen trillions from you.  Your children will not, for the first generation in centuries, lead a better life than you have.  Thanks to Goldman Sachs.

If you are not singularly obsessed with Goldman Sachs, why not?  I'll bet you're obsessed with some other issue of the day.  How many of you need blood pressure medication whenever gay marriage is mentioned?  
Do you really thing the gays are a bigger threat to this country than Goldman Sachs?  Please explain.

When your sons and daughters cannot find jobs, do you blame gays?  Affirmative action?

What a joke most people are.  

We obsess over men having sex with each other.  We deny orpahns parents - because those parents are gay.  Better a child to suffer than a gay to be recognized as equally human.

People take to the streets against gay marriage.  "Yes on Prop 8!" they scream.

Meanwhile, bankers steal trillions from the United States, causing us to either lose jobs or fire workers we care about because we can't afford to keep them on payroll.  Our children will have problems we can't imagine because of the excessive borrowing necessary to bailout Goldman Sachs.

What is wrong with us?  What is wrong with you?