Police Plant Drugs on Motorist
When is Pointing a Gun at Someone Excessive Force?

Philadelphia Police Officer Caught on Tape Assaulting Woman

Alberto Lopez Sr. assaulted a woman. He then arrested her for assaulting a police officer.  At a preliminary hearing, he lied under oath.  The victim of police misconduct was ordered to stand trial.  Then this videotape surfaced.  

Philadelphia police officers asked the gas station owner to delete it.  He refused.  The woman was vindicated.  Philadelphia's legal system, however, remains under indictment.

Officer Lopez Sr. is still carrying a badge and gun.  Although he perjured himself, the District Attorney's office has declined to prosecute him.  Lopez Sr. remains armed and dangerous.  

The police officers who "asked" the gas station owner to delete the video also remain at large.  They have not and will not be prosecuted for obstruction of justice.  They have not and will not be punished by the Internal Affairs Department for committing police misconduct.

Here is the amazing video:

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