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United State Senate Declares: Chris Dodd May Accept Bribes from Subprime Lenders

Connecticut Senator Christopher Dodd received a better mortgage deal from subprime lender Countrywide, simply because Dodd was a United States Senator.  Today, the United States Senate cleared Dodd of wrongdoing.  According to CNBC:

In the end, it takes a lot for the country's most elite club to turn on one of its own. Senators Christopher Dodd and Kent Conrad have been cleared of any ethics violations for accepting sweetheart, "Friends of Angelo" mortgages from Countrywide.

The Senate's deciding to clear Dodd comes just a couple of days after the SEC gave a sweet heart deal to Bank of America - which, according ot the SEC, had misled investors about a several-billion-dollar loss.

The Senate's decision comes just weeks after the Department of Justice took less than 48 hours to arrest and beging criminally proceedings a Goldman Sachs employee for theft of trade secrets.  

Judges, are you paying attention?  You are the only remaining protectors of individual rights.  Congress and the Presidency has been purchsaed.  Barack Obama accepted nearly $1 million in campaign contributions from Goldman Sachs.  Larry Summers has accepted payments from Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street banks.

Yes, I was once a member of the Federalist Society.  I know all of the arguments against "judicial activism."  There are, however, three branches of government.  The Executive and Legislative branches have all bowed down to Wall Street.  That leaves the last remaining branch - the Judiciary.

As a matter of separation of powers, federal judges have a constitutional duty to fight back.  Refuse to take anything the Executive or Legislative Branch says at face value.  They have no credibility - nor does anyone who claims that the Judiciary Branch should "defer" to these corrupt officials.