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1-877-362-2803 is a Scam. Is Acxiom Corporation-Delivery.Net a Criminal Enterprise?

On Sunday afternoon, I received the following text message: " Message from [Name of my Bank]. Not a sales message. Call us at 1-877-363-2803 immediately about your recent account activity. Thank you." 

I was startled, but knew not to call. I have never signed on for mobile banking. How would they have obtained my phone number?  Instead, I Googled the phone number. There were no hits for that number - and certainly no permutation of that phone number was associated with my bank. 

I then thought about the nature of the ISP. is a subdomain of I thus Googled "" It's a spam website, owned by the Acxiom Corporation. (Acxiom Corporation 601 E. 3rd St. Little Rock, AR 72201 US.)

UPDATE: I Googled the text of the message, omitting my bank. I found this: I just got / Message from First Hawaiian Bank. Not a sales message. Call us at 1-877-362-2803 immediately about recent account activity. Thank you."

My bank is not First Hawaiian, and thus this text message is certainly a scam.  Still, questions remain.

Is T-Mobile committing fraud?  Is Acxiom Corporation a criminal enterprise?   All of these corporations will no doubt claim to have been hacked.  Victims.  I am suspicious. 

Perhaps T-Mobile or Acxiom Corporation sold my personal information?  Why can't they build infrastructure to prevent fraud?  Will the Department of Justice investigate?  When Goldman Sachs calls, DOJ answers the phone.  They arrest innocent people in under 48 hours.  Will DOJ protect the average American from fraud?  Or is fake-fraud against Goldman Sachs a higher priority than real fraud against average Americans?