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Class Action Lawsuit Against Whole Foods for Not Honoring Volume and Case Discounts

One of the most frustrating facts of modern life: You can't trust corporations.  I monitor my credit card statement monthly.  I cancelled a gym membership with Gold's Gym months ago.  Each month, they bill me.  Each month, I dispute the charges. 

In America, a person must have two jobs.  In our first job, we earn money.  Our second job is preventing corporations from stealing our money.  It's enough to make one forsake libertarianism.  

One thing I don't do: Check my receipts when shopping at Whole Foods.  It seems that is a mistake.

Whole Foods, as well as other business, often offer a volume discount: Buy a case, save 10%.  Most of us assume that the cash register will honor Whole Foods' promise.  We don't review our receipts before leaving the store.  Perhaps we were duped.

A recently filed Complaint alleges that Whole Foods has not been honoring its volume discounts.  People who purchase a case are not receiving the promised discount.  

In a perfect world, the Department of Justice would prosecute corporations that steal money from customers.  If I failed to pay for 10-20% of my groceries before leaving the store, I'd be in jail.  Unfortunately, big corporations own the Department of Justice.  Thus, the only relief available is through a class action lawsuit.

A close friend of mine, Edwin Aiwazian of The Aiwazian Law Firm, is the lead lawyer in a case against Whole Foods.  The plaintiffs are seeking class action status.  This will be an interesting case to follow.  (The Complaint is available here.)