Priscilla F. Gunn is Unethical, Eighth Circuit Says
Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals Rules in Favor of Police Chief Who Molests Motorist (Again!)

Edward Locke, Bella Villa Chief of Police, Sexually Assaults Women

In Cook v. City of Bella Villa (here), a man go out of his car after Chief of Police Edward Locke allegedly began molesting the man's wife.  Chief Locke ultimately tasered the husband.  It seems that Chief Locke has a history of molesting women:

The Cooks argue the district court abused its discretion in denying the Cooks’ motion for a new trial on the basis of Appellees’ counsel’s material misstatement offact during closing argument. Appellees’ counsel stated,  

There have been no other complaints involving [Chief Locke], involvinghis improperly patting down people or touching woman [sic] or doing something improper, there’s been nothing. He has a perfectly clean and unblemished record and now we have this accusation involving this man’s reputation, this honorable person who is serving the community.

 The statement made by Appellees’ counsel in closing argument was a false statement. Multiple complaints had been filed against Chief Locke at the time of the Cooks’ trial, several of which alleged misconduct similar to the Cooks’ incident. See Cavataio v. City of Bella Villa, 510 F.3d 1015 (8th Cir. 2009); Schmidt v. City ofBella Villa, 557 F.3d 564 (8th Cir. 2009); Copeland v. Locke, No. 07-CV-2089 (E.D.Mo. 2009).

Why is Chief Locke still employed?  Why hasn't he been indicted for sexual assault?  UPDATE: Chief Locke's sexual assaults have been given media attention.  Here is one news story.  Why isn't Locke in prison?  

More importantly: Why is the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals allowing Chief Locke to continually escape civil liability for his sexual assaults?