"This Time is Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly"
What Does a "Hit" Look Like?

On Getting the Democracy We Deserve

After giving Wall Street $2 trillion, there haven't been any reforms.  Even the derivatives "reform" bill is an industry-sponsored joke.  It's clear what is going on.   It's not the politicians' fault.  Instead, its our fault.  We're idiots who deserve the economic asteroid that is about to hit.

Politicians (that includes your favorite Congressperson) care only about one thing - being reelected.  Few in Congress will lose a seat because of the bailouts.  They will, however, get millions in campaign contributions from Wall Street.  Why then would they harm Wall Street, when you won't do anything to punish your Congressman or Congresswoman?

And, yes, that means you.  I love it when a person says, "I hate stupid people."  Everyone in the room nods - as if none of them are among the stupid.  Eventually you need to ask yourself, "Am I the idiot who won't change my vote?" 

If everyone voted against his or her incumbent, do you think there'd be another bailout?  Of course there wouldn't be.  Politicians would get the message.  Their interests would aligned with voters'.

Politicians have gotten the message.  You'll scream and rant, but you won't change your vote.  You have been brainwashed into partisan subservience. 

None of you will change your votes.  Few of you will even look at the facts.  The corruption is bipartisan.

Let's all just pretend that Barack Obama did not receive $1 million from Goldman Sachs.  Let's pretend that the Democrats did not receive more Wall Street money than the Republicans.  Let's all ignore the GOP's failure to capitalize on the populist rage.  Gee, could it be that the GOP hasn't killed the Democrats on Wall Street issues because the GOP is the party of Wall Street, too?  Nah.  Impossible!  There must be some deep strategy in not mercilessly going after Democrats, and reminding everyone that Goldman Sachs owns Barack Obama.  

If I ran the GOP, I'd run this ad for Christmas: [A Christmas tree with no presents underneath it; a disappointed child, who hugs his father.  Narrator says, "His father lost his job when the factory closed."  The child then hugs his father, who has wet eyes but is too salt of the Earth to cry: "It's not your fault, dad."  Juxtapose newspaper headlines announcing record Bonuses for Wall Street.  Announcer says, "Goldman Sachs was Barack Obama's number one source of private-sector campaign contributions.  Obama thanked them: Merry Christmas, Wall Street."  Insert smiling picture of Barack Obama.]  That ad won't run, because the GOP is controlled by Wall Street, too.

We'll all just keep doing what we've been doing.  When nothing changes, we'll blame The System.  We'll treat reform as something too complicated.  We'll do anything except accept responsibility for our votes.

When the United States collapses - despite our cultural narcissism, we are not greater than Rome, and Rome fell - it will be because of us.  That means you, me, and everyone other American who refused to demand change.

Will you change your vote?