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Prosecutorial Misconduct in the Enron Prosecution

Prosecutorial Misconduct in the Jeff Skilling Prosecution

Tom Kirkendall has covered the Enron prosecution - with flair - from the beginning.  Commenting on the Supreme Court's agreeing to hear Jeff Skilling's case, Tom notes one instance of prosecutorial misconduct: 

Fastow testified at trial that he told Skilling about the Global Galactic agreement, which purportedly documented a series of illegal "side deals" between Fastow and former Enron chief accountant Richard Causey that guaranteed Fastow would not lose money on certain special purpose entities that he was managing. Skilling denied any knowledge of the purported agreement.

After Skilling's conviction, the Skilling defense team discovered Fastow interview notes that the Enron Task Force had failed to disclose to the Skilling team prior to trial. Among other things, those notes revealed that Fastow had told the Task Force lawyers that he didn't think he had told Skilling about the Global Galactic agreement. The Fifth Circuit characterized the Task Force's non-disclosure as "troubling" in inviting Skilling to file a motion for new trial with the District Court.

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