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Veteran's Day is a Time for Narcissism

"Oh, thank you so much soldiers for serving and risking your lives.  Yes, thank you.  Oh, sure, I haven't written a single check this year to any veteran's-related charity.  I care, though, dammit!  I support the troops!"

Yes, indeed, you do care.  You care about how people perceive you.  In public, you thank veterans so that others will think, "What an upstanding guy!"  In private, you buy another bottle of wine rather than write a check to charity.  

Your true self does not care about veteran's - especially when caring might mean avoiding materialistic self-indulgence!  The fake self supports the troops and will spend many minutes saying many words proclaiming support for America's soldiers.  We support things most of all when our support costs us the least.

Even on a day that's supposed to be devoting to others, we cannot resist celebrating ourselves.