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Aleynikov Case Continued Again

Yes, I am sounding like a broken record.  Here is the lastest from the wrongful prosecution of Sergey Aleynikov: 

12/16/200916 AFFIRMATION of Joseph P. Facciponti in Support by USA requesting a 30-day continuance from 12/16/09 to 1/15/10 as to Sergey Aleynikov (aba) (Entered: 12/17/2009)

12/16/2009 ORDER TO CONTINUE IN THE INTEREST OF JUSTICE as to Sergey Aleynikov re: 6 Order to Continue - Interest of Justice. Time excluded from 12/16/09 until 1/15/10. Follows oral order of 12/16/09.. (Signed by Magistrate Judge James C. Francis on 12/16/09)(aba) (Entered: 12/17/2009)