Christmas Blogging
Self-Reliance or Helplessness?

Christmas Presents

The best presents we receive are spiritual gifts from people.  Each year it's helpful to think of what others have done for you, and to thank them.  

Many people have trouble with this.  Expressing sentiment is troublesome in our culture of narcissism.  Expressing gratitude requires one to become in touch with her emotions - her true self.  Thanking others, too, forces us to realize that we are not just a product of our own choices: We are also a product of those who make choices to help us.  

Get dopey.  Get sentimental.  Express gratitude to those who have done kind things for you.  Don't assume the person knows that you are grateful. 

It's been a tough year for a lot of people.  Maybe your thanks will be the best gift the recipient has received all year.