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The Aging Brain and Cognitive Decline

Cognitive enhancement is finally going mainstream.  Yet another idea I was 15 years ahead of.  Been a member of the Life Extension Foundation since my teens.  You should join.  It should be called Life Enhancement Foundation, since I'm really not trying to live to 100, but instead want to avoid the negative aspects of aging.

Breakfast: Kefir, blueberries, raspberries, 100% dark chocolate, whey protein, walnuts - after 30 minutes on the AirDyne.  Lunch will be fish oil, protein powder, resveratrol (wiki).  Later on, I'll do my brain exercises at Lumosity - which you should join, too.  (And, no, they don't give me any kickbacks or even a discount.)

If I didn't lift weights and want to increase muscle mass, I'd be doing intermittent fasting.  Instead, I take a brain diet approach to eating

Once I hit 40, I'll do intermittent fasting, since it's the most effective way of mitigating age-related decline.  I'll also be injecting exogenous testosterone and human growth hormone - even though today's doctors say that HGH and testosterone either "don't work," or are "dangerous." 

Oh, and of course the dog is on a protocol, too.  He gets raw chicken, beef, or turkey (protein source is alternated weekly) mixed with Dr Harvey's Canine Health.  The food is a pain to make, but what in life worth making isn't?  Fish oil is smuggled into his food, too.

People take "growing old" for granted: It's just going to happen, so learn to deal with it.  Well, yes, we're all going to age and die.  We can't change that we'll age.  We can change how we'll age.