Calorie Restriction, Resveratrol, and Intermittent Fasting
Old People Lack Wisdom

We Are in the Second Great Depression

Under the U-6 unemployment numbers, the United States is at 17.3% unemployment. Basically, we are living in the Great Depression. 

There are no bread lines because of unemployment benefits, welfare, a huge federal employment sector where the employee can print its down money, and greater aggregate wealth. Lots of jobless people are living with employed parents and friends.  How many of you with jobless children are helping them out?  Exactly.

Thus, the argument that Ben Bernanke saved us from a Second Great Depression by giving trillions to Wall Street is not only unsupported by the evidence (they can't prove that he did); it's also logically unsound.

Ben Bernanke is a traitor who should not be facing Congress for re-appointment.  He should be facing a jury for criminal treason charges.