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How the Mainstream Media Reports Iyanna Washington's Hate Crimes

In this video, a young African American male attacks an elderly white man. You can hear Iyanna Washington make several racist comments including referring to the near-septuagenarian as "pinky" (slang for a white person), and encouraging the younger man to "Beat his white ass."

By now it should come as no surprise that the media has turned the attack on the elderly man into a discussion of race. As usual, white people are to blame:

A fight on an Oakland bus that appeared to be racially tinged started because of an elderly white man's remark about shoe-shining, according to a local college student who filmed the incident.

Two men - a bearded white man who said he was 67 years old and a younger black man - can be seen on the video arguing on the transit bus Monday afternoon.

Again, the man in the video is 67-years old.  Iyanna Washington is a college student who was making racist remarks about "pinky," and encouraging the younger black male to beat the old man's "white ass."  The black assailant was much younger than the white man, and the black assailant is the one who initiated acts of violence against an elderly man.  The younger man threw the first punch.

Nevertheless, the white man was to blame.  "Pinky" is always to blame.

In today's America, racial equality is anything but.  There is no demand for racial equality.  Rather, equality means the subjugation of whites - especially white males.  Black-on-white crime is never motivated by hate.  When a white person defends himself from black violence, then the white person's self-defense was racially tinged.

Iyanna Washington and her friends should be charged with theft.  (In the video, Ms. Washington can be seen stealing the elderly man's belongings.)  She should also be charged with hate crimes, for inciting racially-motivated violence against an elderly white male.

As it stands, the near-septuagenarian will be lucky if he escapes criminal prosecution.  After all, he dared to defend himself - which in today's America makes him the hate criminal.