Iyanna Washington: Hate Criminal and Thief
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CBS is reporting about the notorious video depicting a college student's assault of near-septuagenarian.  Iyanna Washington, a hate criminal, is attempting to downplay her role in inducing a college-aged male to assault a senior citizen:

Washington admits she cheered on the younger man during the fight, as did several other people around her. She said ever since she posted the clip on YouTube, she has received emails and comments on her YouTube account; some of which used the n-word.

She did not merely cheer the man on during the fight.  Instead, she use racially-loaded terms like, "pinky," and "white boy."  She encouraged the African American college student to "Fuck up that white boy," "Get pinky," and "Beat his white ass."

Iyanna Washington is, quite simply, a hate criminal.  She promoted an attack against an elderly man because of his race.

It is unfortunate that people are using the same form of racism in addressing Ms. Washington.  It is sinking to her level.  That Ms. Washington hates Caucasian Americans so much that she'd incite violence against a senior citizen is sad.

Indeed, Ms. Washington should be prosecuted for inciting violence.  She should also be charged under relevant hate-crimes statutes.  She should be arrested for stealing the hate crime victim's bag.  She should not be addressed as an n-word.

Let Ms. Washington be consumed by her hatred.  We gain nothing by embracing her hate.

The civilized among will see to it that formal and informal processes are brought against Ms. Washington.  Everyone on the Internet will forever know that Ms. Washington is a hate criminal and common thief.  Let shame be the punishment for her hate.